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Current call for applications
Application deadline: 31 December 2023

Applicants are encouraged to apply for PhD positions offered by the following departments and research groups at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology (MPI EVA) or Leipzig University (LU):

  • Department of Archaeogenetics (MPI EVA)
  • Department of Human Behavior, Ecology and Culture (MPI EVA)
  • Department of Human Origins (MPI EVA)
  • Department of Linguistic and Cultural Evolution (MPI EVA)
  • Advanced DNA Sequencing Techniques Research Group (MPI EVA)
  • Computational Ancient Genomics Research Group (MPI EVA)
  • Ancient Environmental Genomics Research Group (MPI EVA)
  • Human Palaeogenomics Research Group (MPI EVA)
  • Human Biology and Primate Cognition Group (LU)
  • Institute for Computer Sciences (LU)
  • Molecular Biochemistry Group (LU)
  • Primate Behavioral Ecology Research Group (LU)

Furthermore, we encourage spontaneous candidatures on additional related research topics.