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German classes

Location: MPI-EVA, Deutscher Platz 6, Seminar Room 4th floor

Teacher: Elena Sanchez & Lina Xenia / Sprache & Wirtschaft, Leipzig

1) Beginners class Ia (A.1.1) - starting on 5 October 2023!
Thursday,  6.15pm to 7.45pm

2) Beginners class Ib (A.1.1) - starting on 25 October 2023!
Wednesday,  4.30pm to 6pm

3) Beginners class II (A1.2) 
Tuesday, 6.15pm to 7.45pm

4) Mixed Elementary class (A2.1 & A2.2) 
Thursday, 4.30pm to 6.00pm 

5) Intermediate class (B1) 
Tuesday, 4.30pm to 6.00pm

For information on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1-C2) please see this link.

For information on the German classes, to register or to give us your feedback, please write an email to leipzig-school@[>>> Please remove the text! <<<]eva.mpg.de